Reviews on Top Ecommerce Website Builders

Planning to build your ecommerce website? Well, you might be overwhelmed with so many options in the market. Being a business owner, you can either decide to invest on hiring a professional developer or choose an ecommerce website builder so that you can easily build the ecommerce website yourself. In fact, these ecommerce website builders transform the complex process of creating a website into a fresh breeze. Are you prepared to build a professional looking ecommerce website? Well, this article is all about helping you realize what each ecommerce platform offers. These following choices are distinct and unique from one another. This ultimate guide can help you assess each solution so that you can view how well they might be suitable for your online business.

You must have heard of Being one of the most popular ecommerce website builders, it has number of robust features that are highly preferred by online entrepreneurs.

Themes – The best thing about Shopify is its wide variety of themes. Whether it’s a restaurant, a book club or fortune 500 companies, you can easily find a relevant theme that will fit your brand. However, not all themes are freely available, some top-notch options cost extra to make your site unique.

Ease-of-use – Another best asset of Shopify platform is its seamless UX which allows anyone whether a naive or professional to build their website with minimal effort. Users can visit the platform and start creating an e-commerce website right away without need to spend extra time learning about the platform or any special skills. Shopify also let you create product listings while offering extensive range of categories. This way you can select from various categories while also adding images of your products onto each listing. The ecommerce solution also uses a set of pre-designed code features to help you include discount code boxes.

Website Features Summary – Unlike other ecommerce website builders, Shopify hosts numerous ecommerce options to choose from, including 100+ themes, expert help, full blogging platform, branding, use your own domain, mobile commerce solutions, and so on.

Plug-Ins – The reason Shopify gets preferred by many is the valuable plugins you will find on the Shopify website. These plug-ins enable website owners to promote their content on site that, in turn, increases the engagement rate and loyalty.

Integrated Payments – With Shopify, you are not restricted to one or two payment platforms. Instead, you can use variety of technologies to process payments. Additionally, Shopify offers an intuitive way to enhance conversion rates.

Multiple Ways to Sell on Shopify – Online website owners can run a multi-channel business directly from their Shopify site. This is because Shopify allows retailers to integrate all of your social media accounts and platforms within the Shopify website. You can sell through online store, Shopify POS, retail package, Buy Button, Pinterest Buyable Pins, Facebook Shop, Facebook Messenger and Amazon.


Wix Ecommerce Review

Volusion is one of the top-tier ecommerce solutions that help to facilitate the world of e-commerce with some great selling tools and design features.

Ease-of-use – What’s so good about Volusion? Well, Volusion is well-suited to both tech-savvy people and individuals who are not familiar with operating an online venture on their own. Whether you want to execute your own HTML/CSS-based template into your site or want to choose a pre-made template, Volusion offers everything you have in mind. You can easily customize the existing templates.

Themes – While Volusion offers tech-savvy individuals to get creative with their own distinctive layouts and designs, pre-designed templates are also readily available for users.

Plug-Ins – Want to increase the overall engagement and ease of use for potential customers? Well, here plug-ins comes handy. It can drastically add to the amount of features your ecommerce storefront has to offer to its visitors. Now, Volusion has a collection of 61 add-ons which has ability to integrate with your online storefront.

Integrated Payments – Being a storefront owner, you can quickly integrate your storefront with some of the top payment processors including PayPal Pro, Stripe,, Skrill, and CyberSource.

Wix is a website builder that has made it easy to develop an ecommerce website for your business. You don’t need to have any coding experience to create a perfect site on Wix.

Themes – the themes in Wix are usually called ‘templates’. Wix put together its templates into categories to help you choose the right one for your site. Wix updates their templates on regular basis. The platform makes sure their designs are up to date as the web design industry progresses. With hundreds of options, all of them are customizable.

Ease of use – one of the things that customers like about Wix is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is drag and drop the items on your web page to design your ecommerce site. The Wix website editor takes all the hassle out of designing a website from scratch. Wix has every tool and necessary features at the click of button.

Plug-Ins – Plugins are used to get the most out of your site. Wix offers number of free plug-ins for their web pages. They are also equipped with premium plug-ins.

Mobile Support – Wix doesn’t only support mobile websites, but also has a built-in tool for mobile optimization. While many ecommerce website builders will allow you to convert mobile site for you, but Wix allow users tweak and customize the mobile version themselves.

Tech support – if users face any issue with Wix, they can search for topics to troubleshoot. If they cannot seek a solution, they can contact a support technician. There are two methods to do this. Either they can request a call with support team or they can submit a support ticket online with explanation about their problem. After that, a customer technician would help in resolving the concern.

Integrated Payments – Wix receives payments via its ‘online store’ feature. Whether you’re a basic feature customer, or using Wix’s premium plans, you can accept online payments but there’s a $300 limit per month.


Irrespective of which ecommerce website builder you choose, you have to make sure that the platform fits well with your demand. See what you’re selling and how you want your website to look. Assess your plans. Does the chosen builder have ability to grow with you? Also, you must consider your budget and don’t overlook the processing fees. Read more about others platform that you can see