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B2B Wholesale Platform: Selecting the Right One

There are many ways in which B2B businesses can benefit from the thriving eCommerce industry. But, in order to start a business venture like this, you will have to find the right B2B wholesale platform for you. As expected, there are many different solutions out there and each of them comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. To make things easier for you, we have created a short list where we have highlighted the most effective B2B wholesale platforms currently available on the market.


Contalog is definitely among the most useful B2B eCommerce platforms out there. With the help of this platform, B2B business owners can easily manage their products, orders, and inventory. If you use this platform in the right way, you can create a modern B2B eCommerce store. There are many useful features found in this platform including mobile commerce features, inventory management, field sales application, in-store experience, digital catalog, order management, and product information management. The best part is that the monthly fee for this solution is more than fair. Keep in mind that Contalog supports the most popular operating systems including iOS, Windows and Android.


Some of you may have never heard about it, but this doesn’t mean that InsiteCommerce is not an option that you should take into consideration. On the contrary, numerous users can confirm that this B2B wholesale platform promises responsiveness, functionality, smoothness, and reliability. It is ideal for businesses that are planning fast growth. Thanks to InsiteCommerce, you will be able to handle dynamic pricing patterns for any order processing situation. In addition, you can promise unique, smooth user experience to all clients. Auto-redirects, sire search management, search boosting, order management, inventory management – these are some of the features available to all InsiteCommerce users.


In case you need a B2B wholesale platform that can be customized without much effort and a platform that guarantees scalability on a high level, then you should consider using GOECart. This is a platform with modern, effective features. According to their official website, they have more than 250 features in their offer. From sophisticated order approval, processing and routing to advanced shipping integration with well-known brands such as UPS Online Tools, FedEx and USPS Endicia, GOECart will take care of all your B2B eCommerce needs. On top of that, users can choose from two different monthly packages at reasonable prices.